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Medical Services

Caring for communities in LA county since 1974

Why Choose WFHC for Medical Help?

WFHC offers a personal and holistic model of service to increase overall well-being within the communities we serve through culturally competent care. Our patients are at the forefront of this patient-centered model of care, which is comprehensive, coordinated and accessible while providing safe, high-quality care from our highly experienced, multicultural and culturally sensitive team members.

This care model is backed by needs assessments, program evaluations, strategically placed outreach and links to necessary social and specialty service partners. Click on the links to learn more about our services.
culver city primary care near me

Family Practice ›

Serves everyone through all stages of life in a non-judgmental and caring environment.

Best OB-GYNs Near Me in Culver City, CA

Reproductive Health ›

Reproductive health services in a friendly and caring environment.

Best Pediatricians Culver City, CA

Pediatric Care ›

Helps children thrive by providing services that give them a good start in life.

best Culver City Dental

Dental ›

Comprehensive dental care services for our pediatric and adult patients.

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Mental Health ›

A team of experienced psychotherapists.”