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Patient Testimonials

This is what our patients have to say about their experience with Westside Family Health Center.

I’ve been going to Westside since 2009 when it was still on Ocean Park Blvd. My affection has grown since it relocated to Sepulveda Blvd in Culver City, and I discovered Dr. S. Over the past few years, he’s provided outstanding, personalized care. Dr. S. has the perfect combination of medical expertise, professionalism, efficiency and human caring and warmth. I actually enjoy my visits whether in person, via telehealth or over the phone. He always listens patiently to my concerns and always offers excellent guidance and medical advice. The facility itself is spotless, has easy parking and the office staff members are always helpful and cheerful, which again is rare. Highly recommended! Michael G.
I was referred to WFHC when pregnant with my first child since I did not have health insurance. The primary care, prenatal care and classes were amazing, and I could always call if I had a question. Both of my daughters were delivered with WFHC.

When I finally got insured through MediCal, I continued to travel across town to WFHC because everyone is wonderful, and their approach is great. The quality of services is incredible and the people at WFHC are doing such good work.

Over the past years, I have had a lot of positive changes in my life including starting my own company. I am still coming to WFHC. Natalia
Dr. B. is the dentist one dreams of. She truly cares. She thoroughly explains everything and makes sure you’re aware and comfortable with everything happening. I’ve never felt so at ease in a dentist office. I’ve never looked forward to going to a dentist appointment, until Dr. B. I’m so grateful to be a patient of hers, and that she will also be my daughter’s dentist. If she moved, I would seriously consider following her, even if it was across the country. I cannot wait for my next appointment, and I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you!! Mary G.
I’ve been coming to Westside Family Health Center for years. I love the staff. They’re very professional and helpful. NP S. always spends time listening to my concerns and answering any medical questions I have. My calls are always being returned promptly and my in-person appointments are mostly on time. The office is always clean and organized. Susan S.
After an entire afternoon making phone calls to various clinics, I called Westside Family Health Center and as soon as I was on the phone with Y. everything changed. So grateful for her. She helped me in figuring out the information I needed and went above and beyond in every way possible. Thank you!!!! Katie W.
I wanted to let you know that the people who work at WFHC are amazing. I am a new patient, along with my kids and this is my first experience using a clinic of this kind due to a change in our financial situation. It was the most pleasant and terrific surprise. I don’t see that quality, attitude and just plain sunshine—even at the private doctors that we visit. Kudos to you. Mary
My insurance changed so I needed a new primary care doctor, and I really lucked out by finding Dr. A. and the lovely staff at Westside Family Health Center. I had a telehealth appointment a few months ago which was quite straightforward and had labs and a mammogram ordered. Dr. A. was kind enough to call me with my results afterwards, which I definitely didn’t expect–do you have any idea how busy primary care doctors are? I really appreciated that she did so. Today I had a well-person visit with nurse practitioner K. who was so warm and put me at ease. All of the staff were friendly and helpful from the front office to the medical assistant. Also, free parking! The only downside I can see is that appointments book out pretty far and it can take a while to get through when you call–but minor issues in the grand scheme of things. Shannon C.
I came to WFHC when I discovered a lump in my breast. After having survived breast cancer 23 years ago, I knew this had to be checked out ASAP. My provider immediately scheduled a mammogram and connected me to specialty care to have the lump biopsied. Unfortunately, my breast cancer had returned.

The WFHC care team regularly called me to make sure I was accessing the care I needed and check on how I was coping emotionally. They made sure I was able to have the necessary surgery and get scheduled for chemotherapy. The care team always called me and monitored my treatment and recovery the entire time.

I am so grateful for the expert care that I received. It was a scary time, but WFHC took care of me! Thank you so very much. Esperanza
Westside Family Health Center: everything these guys are doing is top-notch. The service, the care, the treatment. Dr. S. is the best doctor & Dr. B. is the best dentist! These people go out of their way to bring you the care and treatment that you need. I have been a patient for over 2yrs & I am just so fortunate to find doctors who will really stand for you. Hands down the best clinic ever. Rupali S.
A really patient and understanding staff. I was able to schedule myself according to all my needs as a patient. They were willing to see me in person… especially in the time of COVID. They were able to schedule me quickly as a new patient. They are very good at caring for (single) women in the community. Wow! Very pleased with the service. Michelle C.
I was freaking out with all the stuff required for medical clearance for a program I was doing overseas. I had no records of my shots and didn’t know how I was going to get everything I needed. Dr. L. was able to figure out what shots I had to get by doing blood work. I didn’t even know that was a thing. After that he sent me to his nurse who explained each vaccine and how they needed to be schedule so I could finish all the shots in time for my trip. I haven’t been to the new location because of coronavirus but my refills have been handled as fast as ever. Aaron S.
I’m very fortunate to be a patient at Westside Family Health Center at their Culver City location. My doctor there is Dr. S. and he is the BEST MD ever! Since I first started as a patient here, they have kept me in good health, and they respond immediately to any healthcare need that has arisen for me. Please support them any way you can, because they’re a great health center, and they take great care of all their patients. I’d recommend them to anyone and everyone. Cheyne T.
I have been coming to this place since I moved to Los Angeles.

I have visited many other OBGYNs and I always somehow ended up disappointed. The way I was treated in other places is not even human! In Westside Family Health Center you are gonna be treated with respect. They are wonderful and very knowledgeable…All the personnel at the front are also amazin’. I will definitely come back! And the new location and building looks great, modern and comfortable!!!

Once again Dr. S. along with medical assistant J. came through and took excellent care of my well-being in the midst of the pandemic. From Westside’s new, efficient Culver City location, the staff set up a tele video call so they could safely communicate my needs and zoom in on any concerns.

The medical assistant was patient, clear and concise on how the call will function. Dr. S. as usual followed up his questions with warmth, sincerity, and validation on questions I had. He was very accommodating on tips to aid my concerns with the pandemic and aiding my immune system. He immediately knew the answers with confidence.

I’m very impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of the staff, and recommend Westside to anyone in need of good care! S. Leah D.
WFHC has been my healthcare provider for the last couple of years and I truly feel like I’m in great hands. The staff is friendly, very responsive to inquiries, consistently follow-up, give appt reminder calls, are accommodating, and genuinely try to be as helpful as possible. My primary doctor, Dr. S., has great bedside manners, truly listens to my concerns, and is also great at checking-in on me and my progress. In addition to the great COVID precautions and safety measures, Dr. S. makes sure to take time to hear my concerns, talk through possible treatment options, and makes sure I’m comfortable with the next steps. He is nice, direct, and I never feel rushed during our appointments. Lastly, in the last couple annual OBGYN checkups, the staff and nurse-practitioners were nice, knowledgeable, and so good with follow-up. I sincerely recommend WFHC, the staff, and Dr. S. because they are attentive and caring healthcare professionals whom I feel really care about my overall health and well-being, which I’m very grateful for. Diana M.
Alone, scared, and without medical insurance, I had suffered a setback from a previous condition and required medical attention. WFHC had provided me with care in the past, so I made an appointment to see if they could help me now.

The physician I saw spent a great deal of time with me. He listened to my concerns, took necessary tests and together we discussed results and implemented a treatment plan. This plan required follow up and over time was modified to meet my specific needs. During the course of my treatment, two WFHC employees called to check-in on my progress and visited me at my place of employment to make sure I was doing ok. Wow!

The treatment I received at WFHC saved my life. Had I not gotten this desperately needed doctor’s care and personal support, I truly don’t know if I would have made it. Bonnie.
I have been a patient at Westside Family Health Center since the age of 15 – when they only saw women for reproductive health services.

Everyone there is really great, the providers are caring and the staff is supportive. I was excited when WFHC expanded their services to include primary care and began treating men and children. I love the patient portal! It makes everything so much easier for me.

I like giving back to WFHC. The clinic has done so much for me! I always make a donation when I can because I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have WFHC. I always tell people, if they are struggling with a health issue, go to WFHC. They will take care of you.” Kandy
In my younger years, I was fortunate to have caring, sensitive, compassionate, and empathetic health care practitioners and assumed this would always be the case. My optimism quickly wore off when I became an adult – an adult without health insurance. I was forced to deal with cold doctors who treated me like a Petri dish and not a person, experienced clinics that wreaked of offensive odors and people, and spent nights in Emergency Rooms where bills ended up in collections. A family friend told me about Westside Family Health Center and a program they offered that helped suffering asthmatics with low income. I have now been a patient at WFHC for several years receiving the medical attention that had formerly put my mind at ease in my youth. I look forward to seeing the providers every month and have never been made to feel embarrassed by my income situation. The doctors have always treated me with dignity and respect so that I don’t feel worse about my various health conditions, and I take great satisfaction in feeling like there are people at WFHC that truly care about me. Without WFHC my life would surely be in danger. Joshua
I have been a patient of this clinic for the past year. Every time I call to schedule an appointment I am met with courtesy and professionalism. They always try their best to accommodate an appointment for us as soon as possible. Before Covid whenever we walked into the clinic we were always greeted with a smile by the clinic staff and clinic manager L. They offer a variety of program assistance e.g. if you need help filing for Covered California, they have staff that focuses on helping you, and that will follow-up with your application. Their efficiency has not declined with Covid. Although I prefer in-person doctor visits, we now live in different times. Their telehealth appointments are punctual and the staff is clear on their diagnosis and recommendations. I definitely recommend this place and their new location is very nice. They now have their own parking structure!! Natalie S.
In the most difficult of times WFHC has been a tremendous support to families in need of health care services. Thank you, for being part of our community. C. Zee
Great Health center! Everyone is so professional and caring. From peds to adults, they are all great at what they do! Sole M.
I have been going to Westside Family Health Center for a few years now. I really appreciate my doctors there and the friendly staff. I have had Dr. A. and she has listened to everything I said about my medical concerns, helped me with diagnostic tests when needed, and referred me to some very excellent medical specialists. I have had Dr. S. as well, another great doctor. Both doctors and their staff have made me feel welcome as a patient each and every time I have communicated with them. So I do not want to go anywhere else for my medical care. This is my keepsake medical home and a model for all others. Susan K.
I have been to WFMC a few times. The staff is always professional. A year ago this past May I went to see Dr. S. for what I thought was a scraped cornea. I will never forget the alarm Dr. S. had when I told him I could not see clearly out of my left eye. He sent me to UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica and they immediately sent me to Jules Stein at UCLA in Westwood. I had a corneal rupture caused by a bacterial infection. I remember the ophthalmologist telling me “We’re trying to save your eye.” Because of Dr. S.’s medical knowledge and gentle persuasion, my eye was saved. I can see out of my left eye with 99% of the vision I had before. Jim B.